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Well, it’s finally the weekend. As I look forward to the upcoming week, I also find myself looking back. It seems as though there have been a plethora of postings on Facebook lately with inspirational quotes and sayings meant to keep people looking toward the future and living in the present. For instance, I find myself dwelling on one such posting made by a friend of mine:

“Learn to appreciate what you have before time makes you appreciate what you had.” ~Anonymous

Today, I have spent a lot of time reminiscing about my high school marching band days. This could be due to the fact that I keep hearing people talk about marching band camp and looking forward to the upcoming season. Or it could be partially due to the picture I came across on Facebook that combines two of my interests: kittens and the Phantom of the Opera.

You see, during my sophomore year of high school, my high school marching band (The Pella Marching Dutch) performed Phantom of the Opera. Our performance, in my severely biased opinion, was nothing short of outstanding. I’ve always been extremely proud of my marching band days, but this performance takes the cake. For those of you that are interested, you can view our performance here:

My favorite part of the entire performance is right at the end (around the 8:00 mark in the video). Our band worked tirelessly to perfect that part, and we never quite got it right. Until that performance, when it was near perfect. It also happened to be the last competition for my band director as he decided to retire that year. Talk about amazing! It gives me goosebumps every time I watch it!

Ever since, I have been completely obsessed with Phantom of the Opera music. It definitely ranks up there in my all-time favorite music list. Aside from owning the CD (which my college roommate and I spent several roadtrips listening to–even meowing along with the songs at one point!) and movie, I’ve even been to several live performances of it, including one at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London.

Her Majesty’s Theatre during the day

A close-up

At night

Imagine my delight when I got to Planet Hollywood in October 2009 and heard Marcus Collins and Barbara Padilla sing “All I Ask of You” as a duet! Can you think of anything better? I can’t!

Marcus and Barbara, courtesy of

I had flown out to Vegas with my mom and Aunt Lynda, and my cousin Jeremiah came from Arizona to meet us there. It was Halloween, so we got the pleasure of seeing some people dressed up in very strange costumes…

People walking into our hotel

At the actual performance, we were fortunate enough to be seated at the tables up front. There were three runners jutting out from the stage: one on the left and right, and one in the center. I was sitting just to the left of the center one, so that when Marcus came out on it, I had to turn backward in my seat. I could have reached out and touched him if I wanted to! Could it possibly get any better than that?

The answer is: yes. Three years ago, I never could have imagined that I would eventually get to the point that I could call The Texas Tenors my friends. In fact, I never expected I would see them again. How ironic is it that the first (and last) time I see the show America’s Got Talent, I fall in love with a group that becomes such a major part of my life? Just imagine if I hadn’t happened to tune into the show at that point! Would I have ever discovered them? Who knows?!

I also could never have imagined that I would hear my new favorite group sing a song that brings back as many memories as “Music of the Night”. Those of you that watched the video I posted earlier know that my favorite part at the end was during “Music of the Night”, so that song definitely carries some heavy emotions with it for me. Therefore, it came as no surprise when I practically bawled the first time I heard The Texas Tenors’ arrangement. It was absolutely beautiful–much better than any of the other performances I’d ever heard!!!

A friend of mine (who also is a Tenor fan) texted me recently talking about how things have changed for her so much in the past year, and she can attribute her better state of mind partially to The Texas Tenors. I can’t even begin to explain how or why, but I know that is a true statement for many of their fans, including me. They say in their show that they are “on the ride of their life”. They are enjoying every moment and excited to see what the future has in store for them. I am determined to appreciate them for as long as they are around (which will hopefully be a very long time), and no matter what, I will always be grateful for the experiences I have had as a fan of The Texas Tenors.


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